by Hallower

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Debut E.P from Hallower.
All Songs © HALLOWER 2012


Guitar: Andrew Scott
Bass: George McMillan
Vocals: Mitchell Beanland
Drums: Simon Mazzei
Guitar: Zachary Danzig

Music written by Hallower

Produced by Julian Renzo and Hallower
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Julian Renzo at Legion Studio Productions, Williamstown, Victoria
Layout and Design by Simon Mazzei – Roughhouse design

All Songs © HALLOWER 2012
Management – Tom Johannesen:


released October 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Hallower Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Saviours
So much promise sleeping behind masked eyes.
How can we find the truth while living lies?
under skies of grey, these heartfelt dreams fall and fray.
The dreamers are woken, every kind heart has been broken,
but i promise myself that from this day on,
i will rise like the sun.
I will strive, create meaning in my life.
From where i stand i can touch the sky.
Track Name: Footfalls
Fallen aspirations melt awaym into the sidewalks of today.
These high walls were built to hide truths.
The bruised paths of a once great city echoes the irony
of repeated journeys, as pasts repeat.
Walls put up to protect us, now contain us.
Structures we built, now rise against us.

The city night reflects deep in our eyes.
Neglect the pollution blocking the sky.
Times wont change until we tear these walls down,
show ourselves who we really are.
Will we rise above?

Lessons unlearnt still haunt the streets.
Memory lane remains unsafe.
We've fallen a thousand times before.
Why do we make the same mistakes?

Dreams are laid to rest in this sum-less world,
in this hopeless world.

A new beginning as the walls that trap start to fray,
a new beginning as the masks that hide us slip away.

Break away.

Tear it down.
Track Name: Outshine
You are everything that makes this world worth living in.
You'll thank yourself for your fate in time my friend.
The dreams you kept locked in your heart,
are what set you apart from the rest

Cursed with a kind heart,
to hold this starless sky over our head.
And i wonder why life is so cruel,
to those who deserve it most.

I'd die for you to know who you were born to be.
For you, I'll be the lighthouse,
shining outward from sturdy shores.
Guidance in the storms.
Guidance to those off course.
I'll be there beside you on the bleakest nights.

Winter will come to end,
and these dreams you carry will be legend.
through virtues eyes you will now see:
the same world that left us cold, left us free.

In this fading light.
Your heart has never shone so bright.
Now new sight blesses once blind eyes.
You know the answer lies inside you.
I will stand beside you.
Track Name: Blind Kings
We tempt fate.
We dance on the edge of ours graves.
We trade our hearts for shallowness.
We are the betrayed.

Broken promises and abandoned dreams, line these streets.
We risk it all just to feel alive,
in line we march with closed eyes.
Being taken for granted is all we've ever known.
A blind eye is all they've ever shown.
All they've ever shown us.

Their misery won't settle into my bones,
in the coldest winter I will live to know.
Distance will set you apart.
Apathy will never break my heart.

When will we wake, and chase these fading dreams?

I wrote this song, for anyone who ever dared to dream,
for those who follow their hearts.
When will we learn, that strength comes from pain?

When will we see,
these ruts become our graves.

Their blind ways won't break me.
When my heart is what guides me.
Wake up from this dreamless sleep.
Open your eyes and find your feet.

Dreams do come true.
Track Name: Fates
Tired hearts beat.
Walking alone through no good streets.
Braving the winter cold and the summer heat.
We are the poor souls who you wouldn't want to be.
cos' this town has made promises it just couldn't keep.

We've never felt the blessing of fate, just the pull of our early grave.
We are the ones the world forgives and forgets.
Stars for a roof, concrete for our beds.
Regret in our hearts, misery in our heads.
We are the ones, you never gave a chance.

No heroes wal these hopeless streets.
No one to answer our pleas.

I broke them down.
I am the heart of this ghost town.
I am the whispers on the wind.
I'm the rise and the fall of man.
I'm the beginning, I am the end.
You can call me fate, and I'm not feeling generous today.

We've seen the darkest days.
The world has left us in it's wake.
Greed swallowed your hearts and now you're dead to us.
All we need is the air un our lungs.
All we can see is that rising sun.
And all wee need is the air in our lungs.
All we know is that you're fucking dead to us.
Track Name: Rosary Eyes
Sunken eyes search for guidance in a falling sky.

Knotted hands clasped, as he prays for his life.

Soul sold, heart hellbound.

Those very hands will be what drags him down.

As the churchbell tolls.

He knows he'll never make it home.

A leatherbound blindfold to hide his disgrace.

That silver cross still stands by the sinners name.

Down he'll go, along with your faith.

Thats another preacher man that won't be saved.

And he screams to that forgiving sky.

Absolution came every time.

"I need a miracle. I need a fucking miracle."

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Give me the chance and I'll do it again.
Oh God, I'm falling apart.
How the fuck did I fall this far?"

His silver cross, my hangman's knot. 

Hang your head, preacher man.

He hung them, oh, he hung them high.
The rosary beads fall from their eyes.

"I need a miracle. 
I need a fucking miracle."

As they lay under that falling sky.

They cursed those stars through miseries eyes.
"I need a miracle. I need a fuckin' miracle.


I was a believer too, once upon a time.

I had hope once; maybe in a past life.
Track Name: Dirge
Found myself face first in the bottle.
Lost loves hangin' heavy behind my ribs.
Collecting the dust of every wasted year,
that i spent trying to find you.
Crawled from the lowest low,
wuth gravelled knees,
and dirt in my teeth.
My heart in my throat,
and blackened eyes only for you.

So if you'll have me for all that I am.
A broken, washed up man.
Still trying to find his way.
Still lost to this day.
I can promise you all that's left of my heart.
I can promise you all that's left of me.
I would crawl to the ends of the earth.
For you and you alone.
You pulled me out of my grave.

I got a place in my heart for you, if you want it,
got a palce in my heart for you, my dear.
It was always yours. It had always been yours.
I don't need hope when you're by my side.
I just wanted you to know, you saved my life
and for that I owe it to you.
I know a song ain't much, but it's the best I can do.
Now we laugh, as they paint their coffins like the sky
'Cos I don't need god, when you're by my side.
You're what was missing all this time.
I'm not scared of hereafter, 'cos I found mine.
When I found you, I found something worth living for.
Track Name: Leadweight
An ocean separates you and me.
An ocean apart. No horizon as far as I can see.
Curse the love that blinded me.
Salvation, lies in the miles that buried me.
I cast a single red rose for all the could have beens.
The warmth we shared, now is frost.
Gone! Everything you took for granted.
Now my hearts not there to break you fall.
Distance between us proved too much.
Leadweight hearts sink but never break.

I'm left holding on to a cause that's getting lost.
The distance aches. How much more can you take?
My heart sinks but never breaks.

Embraced by the turning tide.
You lie to live, but I won't live a lie.
Another tragedy, another fucking could have been.
Now your waves won't bring me down, anymore.
My heart was never yours to break.
I'm sorry to say.

At least you know, I gave this my all.
I guess some things were better left unsaid, after all.
Track Name: Hellbound
The streetlights away, as they guide us home.
Another night in the bottle,
another night spent sleeping under stranger's tongues.

Heads in the clouds, feet in the grave.
Growing pains, smoker's lungs.

God never wasted his time on us.

Down the streets we paved with our broken bones, under the streetlights shine we swayed alone.
Bottle in hand, and a cigarette on the tips of our tongues.
We outdrank the dawn,
pushed back that fucking rising sun,
that smoke curled around our necks,
as he turned to me and he said:

"If you want the truth, these years are choking tight,
they are the weight in my heart,
and the rings under my eyes.
No. I am not alright."

Years pass and old paths cross, one more worn than the others.
His smile was painted on with dirt.

"I let this rut become my grave, my friend.
i don't want my mark on the world
to be the pockmarks in my veins."

"Please don't forget me."