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Found myself face first in the bottle.
Lost loves hangin' heavy behind my ribs.
Collecting the dust of every wasted year,
that i spent trying to find you.
Crawled from the lowest low,
wuth gravelled knees,
and dirt in my teeth.
My heart in my throat,
and blackened eyes only for you.

So if you'll have me for all that I am.
A broken, washed up man.
Still trying to find his way.
Still lost to this day.
I can promise you all that's left of my heart.
I can promise you all that's left of me.
I would crawl to the ends of the earth.
For you and you alone.
You pulled me out of my grave.

I got a place in my heart for you, if you want it,
got a palce in my heart for you, my dear.
It was always yours. It had always been yours.
I don't need hope when you're by my side.
I just wanted you to know, you saved my life
and for that I owe it to you.
I know a song ain't much, but it's the best I can do.
Now we laugh, as they paint their coffins like the sky
'Cos I don't need god, when you're by my side.
You're what was missing all this time.
I'm not scared of hereafter, 'cos I found mine.
When I found you, I found something worth living for.


from Allegory, released October 25, 2012



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Hallower Melbourne, Australia

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