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Tired hearts beat.
Walking alone through no good streets.
Braving the winter cold and the summer heat.
We are the poor souls who you wouldn't want to be.
cos' this town has made promises it just couldn't keep.

We've never felt the blessing of fate, just the pull of our early grave.
We are the ones the world forgives and forgets.
Stars for a roof, concrete for our beds.
Regret in our hearts, misery in our heads.
We are the ones, you never gave a chance.

No heroes wal these hopeless streets.
No one to answer our pleas.

I broke them down.
I am the heart of this ghost town.
I am the whispers on the wind.
I'm the rise and the fall of man.
I'm the beginning, I am the end.
You can call me fate, and I'm not feeling generous today.

We've seen the darkest days.
The world has left us in it's wake.
Greed swallowed your hearts and now you're dead to us.
All we need is the air un our lungs.
All we can see is that rising sun.
And all wee need is the air in our lungs.
All we know is that you're fucking dead to us.


from Allegory, released October 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Hallower Melbourne, Australia

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