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Fallen aspirations melt awaym into the sidewalks of today.
These high walls were built to hide truths.
The bruised paths of a once great city echoes the irony
of repeated journeys, as pasts repeat.
Walls put up to protect us, now contain us.
Structures we built, now rise against us.

The city night reflects deep in our eyes.
Neglect the pollution blocking the sky.
Times wont change until we tear these walls down,
show ourselves who we really are.
Will we rise above?

Lessons unlearnt still haunt the streets.
Memory lane remains unsafe.
We've fallen a thousand times before.
Why do we make the same mistakes?

Dreams are laid to rest in this sum-less world,
in this hopeless world.

A new beginning as the walls that trap start to fray,
a new beginning as the masks that hide us slip away.

Break away.

Tear it down.


from Allegory, released October 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Hallower Melbourne, Australia

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