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An ocean separates you and me.
An ocean apart. No horizon as far as I can see.
Curse the love that blinded me.
Salvation, lies in the miles that buried me.
I cast a single red rose for all the could have beens.
The warmth we shared, now is frost.
Gone! Everything you took for granted.
Now my hearts not there to break you fall.
Distance between us proved too much.
Leadweight hearts sink but never break.

I'm left holding on to a cause that's getting lost.
The distance aches. How much more can you take?
My heart sinks but never breaks.

Embraced by the turning tide.
You lie to live, but I won't live a lie.
Another tragedy, another fucking could have been.
Now your waves won't bring me down, anymore.
My heart was never yours to break.
I'm sorry to say.

At least you know, I gave this my all.
I guess some things were better left unsaid, after all.


from Allegory, released October 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Hallower Melbourne, Australia

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