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You are everything that makes this world worth living in.
You'll thank yourself for your fate in time my friend.
The dreams you kept locked in your heart,
are what set you apart from the rest

Cursed with a kind heart,
to hold this starless sky over our head.
And i wonder why life is so cruel,
to those who deserve it most.

I'd die for you to know who you were born to be.
For you, I'll be the lighthouse,
shining outward from sturdy shores.
Guidance in the storms.
Guidance to those off course.
I'll be there beside you on the bleakest nights.

Winter will come to end,
and these dreams you carry will be legend.
through virtues eyes you will now see:
the same world that left us cold, left us free.

In this fading light.
Your heart has never shone so bright.
Now new sight blesses once blind eyes.
You know the answer lies inside you.
I will stand beside you.


from Allegory, released October 25, 2012



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Hallower Melbourne, Australia

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